Google OnHub – the router is now cylindrical

Following Amazon’s echo media device, Google have just unveiled an equally-cylindrical device, their all-singing, all-dancing WiFi router, built by home networking specialists TP-Link. Now I am a bit confused about this. Designed to be attractive and pretty enough placed anywhere in the home, Google seem to have forgotten that the location of WiFi routers are dictated by where the Internet cable enters the home. However, Google make big claims about its wireless performance, apparently sporting 13 antennas, emphasising the speed and range benefits it provides. Its Bluetooth Smart Ready, Zigbee and Weave support indicate that this is a device designed to act as a hub for the Smart Home, a more obvious device to play that role than the Nest Thermostat. One thing it does not have is a microphone, which seems somewhat like a missed opportunity. Though then again, a microphone is not much use if the device is hidden in a cupboard somewhere.

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